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Open Swag and Trumpets on Medallions

Open Swag and Trumpets on Medallions Valance

This valance offers a simple elegance and beautifully displays fabric and trim selection.  Fabric is draped volumously across the window.

  • Valance has loops sewn in at the top of the trumpets for installation on medallion tieback holders (See Drapery Hardware to order).
  • Swags are approvimately 20"- 24" in width when lying flat and will vary depending on window size.
  • Swags are 12" in depth but are draped to a lower depth depending on how apart medallions are placed.
  • You have the option of selection boullion trim or no trim along the bottom edge.  The workroom will match perfect trim color to fabric selected. 
  • Specify "ExactWidth" by determining where 2 outside medallions will be placed and measure distance in between.  We would suggest placing them 2" beyond the window opening or trim.  Medallions in picture are installed approximately 8" above trim.  Best if top edge of the swag does not dip into window opening.
  • Valance is lined.

Window Width:

24" - 36"           1 - 2 swags / 2 - 3 medallions

37" - 54"           2 - 3 swags / 3 - 4 medallions

55" - 75"           3 - 4 swags / 4 - 5 medallions

76" - 100"          4 - 5 swags / 5 - 6 medallions

When installing medallions, you will need to equally place them within the 'Exact Width" you select. 

Fabric Selection

DYOD offers a wide selection of custom fabrics including a range of price categories, patterns and colors.  All fabrics are specially ordered by ‘cut piece’ for your custom product because this offers you a larger selection of designer quality fabrics.  DYOD states the fabric category for each fabric with all varying in price - Category I, the lowest price fabrics, through Category VII, the highest price fabrics

Fabrics are displayed as the first option for each product where you can make your fabric selection or order a swatch.  All fabrics are displayed in collections and are also categorized by pattern, fabric type and color.  The ‘Collections’ display coordinating fabrics together to allow you the opportunity to easily select fabrics with their coordinating color and pattern matches.

Customer's Own Fabric

You may use your your own fabric by selecting "Customer's Own Fabric".  This will charge you for labor pricing only.  Contact us for shipping address and yardage requirements.


See front page top menu item for "How to Measure".  Please call or e-mail us with any further questions

Swatches/Fabric Samples

Since this is a non-returnable custom product because each product is made specifically for you, we highly recommend ordering fabric swatches prior to placing your order to ensure your satisfaction.  Each swatch is sent to you as a ‘memo’ sample direct from the manufacturers we work with.  Samples are large enough to show pattern.  Swatches are $1 each.